Deborah Testa SAS Programming & Development

Seven of Nine Systems

    • Data management, statistical analysis and publication-ready tables, graphs and listings for a scholar's Ph.D. dissertation in business.
    • Analysis of SAS reporting code. Conducted a code review of a library of complex SAS programs to help a large health care company understand a legacy statistical reporting system.
    • Validated the work of a SAS colleague by writing independent companion SAS code to validate results in clinical trials.
    • Provided consulting regarding the structure and content of the MedDRA adverse event coding dictionary and its relationship to the CDISC SDTM.
    • Analyzed large health care claims data sets in support of patent litigation.
    • Developed complex SAS macros for automating the construction of analysis data sets for use in market analytics.
    • Analyzed web traffic using a combination of Google Analytics and SAS.
    • Developed SAS programs for modeling consumer demand for home entertainment products.
    • Developed a web interface and a SAS/IntrNet back-end application for performing patient enrollment in clinical trials on a hand-held computer.
    • Designed and operated a large-scale data pipeline supporting disease management projects for a small group of health care outcomes researchers. This project extracted data from a transactional Oracle database and performed ETL. Performed extensive data analysis for publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international medical conferences.
    • Data analysis for publications in peer-reviewed journals and international medical conferences.
    • Designed and developed a SAS/AF application for coding adverse events and concomitant medications data in clinical trials.
    • Data management and analysis for clinical trials (Phases I-IV).